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  • Universal antibody lock can enhance the disease selectivity of antibody drugs to reduce side effects
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Technical Description Long term administration of therapeutic antibody (Ab) can lead to serious adverse effects. It will be a great business opportunity to reduce side effects by enhancing the selective targeting of Ab to disease region. We used hinge domain as Ab lock to link the Ab by protease substrate peptide, to generate a pro-Ab that will block the binding of Ab to the antigen. The Ab will be revived by specific protease which overexpressed in disease region, the selectivity of Abs to disease region will be increased and reduce side effects. Results showed the binding of pro-Remicade was 269.5-fold weaker than Remicade and completely restored after activation with protease. Compare to Remicade, Pro-Remicade provided equivalent serum half-life and therapeutic efficacy while minimizing the interference in immunity against Listeria infection. We expect the Ab lock for improving selective activation of Abs can improve the quality of life in patients and cause revolution of Ab drugs industry in the future.
Scientific Breakthrough [Autologous hinge as universal Ab lock to enhance the disease selectivity of Ab drugs and reduce side effects]
1.Autologous hinge can prevent the unwanted immuno-responses
2.Autologous Hinge masks the antigen binding site of antibody through spatial hindrance to ensure Ab lock can efficiently release from the pro-antibody after protease cleavage and 100% revive the binding ability
3.Due to the framework of antibody is highly conserved, the Ab lock can be applied in any kinds of antibody drugs. Moreover, with the construct of antibody lock is easy to \"copy\" and \"paste\", it can increase the clinical value and market potential for Ab lock
We believe this revolutionary technology can exchange the morphology of antibody and accelerate the clinical application of Ab lock.
We believe this revolutionary technology can exchange the morphology of antibody and accelerate the clinical application of Ab lock
Industrial Applicability The universal antibody (Ab) lock technology platform has three cores:
“Revive” Ab drugs due to severe side effects can be remarketing through Ab lock. “Renew” patents about to expire or have expired and develop selective-activated “second generated Ab“. “Upgrade” the value of existing Ab drugs.
Through the RSC of Ministry of Education, there have three industrial application models:
1.Cooperate with global companies to develop Bio-better Abs.
2.Customized new pro-Ab drugs.
3.Develop new Ab drugs on our own.
Our universal Ab lock technology platform is divided by the full-fledged patents layout and our teams’ practical promotion experience. With the strategic alliance, it is used to create 20 billion business opportunities to achieve the advantage of one Ab for one technology transfer.