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Technical Description We are a software company who develops a dental clinic management software. Our product makes dentists being able to manage their clinic in a smarter and more efficient way. We provide a total digitalized solutions -"" Dentall HiS"" , a dental clinic management software ,which combines all functions needed for operating a clinic. For instance, ERP, CRM, On-line shopping, and AI diagnosis aid.
Scientific Breakthrough
Industrial Applicability dentall HiS integrates PMS ( Practice Management Software) with, CRM( Customer Relationship Management), ERP and all the other functions needed for operating a dental practice. With strong R&D engineering team, we successfully developed AI image sourcing technology which is able to source the image input by X-ray or CT into the right position in oral environment. This will save dentists a great amount of time and the outcome has reached to 98% of accuracy. The AI model will soon be trained not only for image sourcing but also for AI-aid diagnosis. We believed with our technology and our solid system function, we can change the global dentistry.