Technical Name Startup Acceleration and International Promotions for the Medical Device Industry
Project Operator Biomdcare Corporation;Mobiosense Corp;Cyper S
Project Host
"Biomdcare’s Osteoporosis AI Screening Assistant is the first ever AI model to use hip X-ray image as the source to perform fast screening on Osteoporosis and has achieved 90% of accuracy. This Osteoporosis AI Screening Assistant can be equipped on mobile X-ray buses to help expand the screening area to communities and rural areas.;Mobiosense is leveraging the semiconductor expertise in Taiwan to develop a semiconductor biomolecule sensor that can directly detect biomolecules (proteins, DNA, etc) without any fluorescent or electrochemical reagents, enabling portable yet high sensitivity biotesting at the point of care without bulky, hard to use instruments;The Smart Hearing Solution combines innovative product design (IP) and artificial intelligence systems (AI) to enhance the quality of the user's hearing. It solves the problem that traditional hearing aids are completely unclear when talking to many people. The core technology of the product includes ""voice beamforming system design"", ""computer vision analysis technology"", ""AI deepening neural network"" to solve the problem of multi-human ""language noise"" noise reduction for international manufacturers (cocktail party effect)."
Scientific Breakthrough
Biomdcare's AI Osteoporosis screening system determines whether the femoral neck T-score is > or ≦ -2.5 in the X-ray image by training the hip X-ray image compared with DXA T-score, and the accuracy has reached 90%.;Mobiosense's patented sensor design achieves higher sensitivity towards weak electrical charges while employing standard wafer processes.;In order to overcome the problem of the cocktail party effect, we designed an innovative, intelligent hearing system, which can identify the target speaker by visual signals, assist the target speaker through the image.We use advanced tools such as beamforming for hearing aids, innovative architecture and noise reduction technology for spatial filtering, and AI technology for deep neural networks with instant speech noise reduction for speech reconstruction.
Industrial Applicability
With hip X-ray images as identification targets, it needs no extra hardware cost and conforms to the medical guidelines. It will fill the osteoporo;Mobiosense's technology is applicable to industries with biosensing needs, such as healthcare and biomedical research.;The team will carry out cross-industry cooperation with manufacturers in the auditory auxiliary industry chain, through the integration of software and hardware and the overall solution of the service model, to assist the upgrading and development of the auditory auxiliary.
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