Technical Name LoRa Smart Mobile Water Quality Sensing Technology
Project Host 張嘉修
The "LoRa Smart Mobile Water Quality Sensing Technology" presented by Tunghai University is a real-time smart control system that can capture, send, and observe the water quality at the observation site. The mobile device performs monitoring and control based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this case, an unmanned shipping route can be set manually/automatically based on the route plan. This ship enables real-time monitoring of four major water quality parameters, namely temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity. An smart system in edge computing is designed as a computing node for executing a prediction algorithm of biological environment information. After that, the data are then sent to the cloud through LoRa technology. 
The smart decision-making system provides real-time and accurate information for the water quality of Tunghai Lake. LoRa technology is implemented to serve the fast response of water quality monitoring and prediction.
Scientific Breakthrough
Transmission distance and power consumption are contradictory issues in the data transmission technology. LoRa improves the sensitivity of the receiver, and improves the link efficiency, so there is no need for high transmit power.
Industrial Applicability
Tunghai Lake is our demonstration site to show AIoT technology and waste water treatment-based circular economy technology, moving toward an ecological environment education. This system represents the perspectives from theory to practice, from engineering technology to computation. It shows an integration of circular economy, smart water management, smart aquaculture, and ecological education.
Keyword Artificial Intelligence(AI) Sustainable Circular Deep learning Big data Water quality sensing Drone Data transmission Smart water Environmental technology Circular economy
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