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  • The Technology of Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing
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  • Institute of Nuclaer Energy Research Atomic Energy Council
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Technical Description Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) is a technology, which can manufacture near-net-shape parts automatically with a high deposition rate. It is suitable for producing highly complex parts as well as customized components of large dimensions. It is very suitable for manufacturing expensive metal products, such as Ti.
Scientific Breakthrough 此技術與傳統CNC加工相比,除能大幅增加製造效率,進而減少材料、人力、時間及庫存成本,亦可在零件開發階段用於樣品或模型製作,縮短大量前置時間及費用,提升產品開發效率。模具業為我國塑膠射出成形、金屬加工…等機械產業轉型的重要關鍵,在未來少量多樣的生產模式下,勢必無大量前置時間開模。若我國可建立此一技術,除可降低前置時間外,亦可降低開模成本,提高產品競爭力。
Industrial Applicability 1. National defense industry: It is suitable for the production of Ti components which have superior mechanical properties but very expensive.
2. Traditional industries: It is appropriate for custom-made components of large dimensions, especially for prototype sampling, pre-design, as well as the parts which are prone to retain casting defects.