Technical Name AI Expert System for Friction Stir Welding Manufacturing
Project Operator National Chung Cheng University
Project Host 劉德騏
The AI expert system for friction stir welding (FSW) manufacturing integrates the following technologies, including (1) real-time load monitoring, (2) process quality inspection using AI deep learning, (3) optimized adaptive control. Process characteristics are monitored through automation image sensors. After FSW process, the product quality will be checked automatically according to ISO 25239 standard and the welding condition parameters, metallographic observations, and mechanical properties will also be collected to the AI database. The expert system will be trained using the AI machine learning. During the FSW manufacturing, the AI expert system of FSW will be applied to update the welding parameters to the welding machine controller after the AI decision adaptively. Also, it can complete the welding automation and reduce the dependence of professionals.
Scientific Breakthrough
This technology applies artificial intelligence to the automation process of friction stir welding. The breakthrough technologies include the following (1) the real-time monitoring of welding, (2) the automation system can feedback the welding parameter to the machine controller during welding process, (3) product quality can be judged on the production line after welding, which is a non-destructive detection method.
The welding history record also makes the product traceable. The life of welding tools can be predicted by accumulating enough data. The AI expert system of friction stir welding manufacturing can save substantial cost of production and management.
Industrial Applicability
During the mass production using the friction stir welding (FSW) process, the welding parameter control when manufacturing and the quality check after welding depend on the professional knowledge and experience. And the welding machine lacks of the on-line inspection function. The AI expert system for friction stir welding process can cover the shortage of technology and manpower, and optimize the welding parameters so as to speed up the application of the FSW process. The more recent application of FSW had penetrated into the semiconductor and private industry. Especially for the aluminum and copper light metal, the corresponding product has high additional value.
Keyword AI expert system for friction stir welding On-line inspection using image sensor Adaptive welding control system Light metal welding
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