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  • Intelligent control system for friction stir welding
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  • National Chung Cheng University
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  • 莊鎮瑋
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Technical Description The friction welding expert system derived intelligent welding control system, through the aforementioned friction stir expert system output ideal target value to the controller to achieve the desired target value, to implement weldinginspection automation.
Scientific Breakthrough The data of the Expert system of friction stir welding can used for the non-destructive investigation. The above system cooperated with the adaptive system of FSW can be utilized to increase the reliability of automationquality control of weld. The FSW expert system can break through the bottleneck of human-powerhuman-experience dependence,be the key for importing mass production.
Industrial Applicability The technologies are developed based on the bottleneck of the practical mass production of EV battery trays so faralso are the solution for the assembly tolerance which seriously affects the quality of weld. The FSW expert system can be applied for mass production industries, including aerospace, maritime, military, subway, automobiles,electronic production industry.