Technical Name Friction Stir Welding(FSW) ProcessDevelopment of Customized FSW Machine Tool
Project Operator National Chung Cheng University
Project Host 劉德騏
Based on the long-term research knowledge-base of Advanced Institute of Manufacturing with High-Tech Innovation(AIM-HI) in the topics of machine tools, FSWrelated processes,seeking the corporation of the matureflexible capability of the precision machine industry, this research group aims at the development of advanced customized intelligent machine toolinnovative friction stir processing.
Scientific Breakthrough
"●Friction Stir Welding can join materials that are difficult to fusion weld, for example, 2XXX7XXX aluminum alloys, the mechanical properties of welded joint is excellent,it is no arcfumes during the processing. 
●We provide total solution for friction stir welding, with the expert system to optimize process parameter,design the customized welding machines by using Computer-aid
Industrial Applicability
Friction stir welding technology has been widely applied in many industries, including space, aviation, maritime, military, railway, etc. It is a revolution in welding technology.
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