Technical Name Spherical Aluminum Nitride Powder
Project Operator National Chung-Shan Insitute of Science and Technology
Project Host
The particle size range of spherical AlN powder is between 10-100 um. It can be used as heat dissipating filler in epoxy due to its high flowability and high mechanical strength.
Scientific Breakthrough
Aluminum nitride (AlN) is a potential material in LED heat dissipating substrate and electronic device package application due to its high electrical insulation, low dielectric constant and high thermal conductivity. The manufacturing process of AlN substrate includes the following steps: powder granulation, molding, sintering, and dicing. The quality of every process step and final product is closely related to the characteristics of AlN starting powder. Hence the development of AlN powder with high purity is very important to the control of key material in future electronic industry. 
This invention adopts spray drying method to produce spherical AlN powder. We can control the particle size range from 60 to 80 um and get dry powder quickly by this method. In this invention, carbo-thermal reduction and sintering can be continually executed through two steps heating to directly obtain densified spherical AlN powder. This makes spherical AlN powder process become energy saving and low cost in view of economics.
Industrial Applicability
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