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  • Nano Dosage Form of two-photon organic dyes for sentinel lymph node mapping of breast cancer
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  • Chung Yuan Christian University
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  • 謝明發
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  • mfhsieh@cycu.edu.tw
Technical Description Our team establish a platform of the for cancer mapping ,the system includes three parts : the synthesis of two-photon infrared fluorescent dye, the design of dosage form, the in vivo breast cancer model for sentinel lymph node mapping and the evaluation of biocompatibility, and the final goal is for the real time surgery mapping.
Scientific Breakthrough Our research establish a infrared fluorescent dye which provides high photo-stability and two-photon emission. With the dosage form designed, the better biocompatibility and circling time makes us stand out. We are now working on the in vivo cancer mapping with our individual image system in animal cancer model. In our progress, we already fulfill the mapping on sentinel lymph node.
Industrial Applicability Since 2013, the image-guide surgery and robot-assisted surgery market is estimated to be 590 million USD, and Taiwan is account for 14.5% in total market revenue. This research. This near-infrared and two –photon fluorescent dye provide not only the high labeling time and mapping ability, but also the specific labeling in 3D structure and deep skin penetration.