Technical Name Non-invasive examination of xerostomia
Project Operator National Yang-Ming University
Project Host 李士元
Xerostomia is a sign of Sjögren's syndrome. Minor salivary gland biopsy is usually needed to confirm the diagnosis. This novel OCT technology using self-developed software can identify and mark the location and size of minor salivary glands automatically. It is also able to retrieve dynamic information of minor salivary gland and measure the saliva secretion through further data processing.
Scientific Breakthrough
This technique can display real-time cross sectional images, and analyze them with the algorithm and refractive index compensation to automatically identify the real thickness of the mucosa, and the number, location and size of the minor salivary glands. The dynamic features and saliva secretion of the minor salivary glands can also be retrieved.
Industrial Applicability
Xerostomia is a sign of Sjögren's Syndrome. Lower lip biopsy is usually conducted to evaluate the minor salivary glands. But it causes pain and is time-consuming. 
This innovative OCT technique offers a safer, faster and more patient friendly way to examine oral mucosa. In addition, combined with different algorithms can expand applications in diagnosis and 3D digital model reconstruction.
Keyword optical coherence tomography dentistry xerostomia small salivary gland medical equipment development image identification dental impression initial caries dental crack dental health check
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