• Technical Name
  • Self-powered fan-type dehumidifier
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  • National Taiwan Ocean University
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  • 陳琨霖
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  • sthes40609@gmail.com
Technical Description The anhydrous calcium chloride absorbs the water contents in the air and turns them into liquid water. The liquid water then becomes the electrolyte to initiate the electrochemical reaction of the metal-air fuel cell. The electricity generated from the fuel cell is used to power the ventilation fan inside a wardrobe cabinet and creates its circulation with outside atmosphere.
Scientific Breakthrough The strong water absorbing capability of de-hydrated calcium chloride is utilized in capturing the water molecules in the air and collecting them into liquid water. The liquid water is then supplied to a metallic fuel cell to generate electricity. Without electrical supply from external source, the self-generated electricity powers the ventilation fan installed on the wall of cabinet.
Industrial Applicability The technology can be applied in household cleaning product, environment improvement of residence, smart family and green environment. The introduction of this technology into dwelling environment can improve the safety, comfort, convenience, intelligence and coziness of living surroundings.