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  • Methods for decolorization and deodorization of egg yolk oil
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  • Tamkang University
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  • 劉宜昌
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Technical Description To improve the commercial value of applications of egg yolk oil, this discovery employs two methods from analytical chemistry to decolorize and deodorize the raw egg yolk oil product. Both and color and odor are comparable to the pure horse oil. Our methods should be able to well applied to the decolorization and deodorization of chicken oil, since both kinds of oil are produced from chicken.
Scientific Breakthrough (1) Decolorization step using activated carbon
(2) The egg odor component is concentrated in the water phase by distillation to carry out the odor removal step, and the egg odor and the egg yolk color of the crude egg butter are removed by the two methods.
(3) The process of the invention is simple and suitable for mass production.
Industrial Applicability The current products are made of crude egg butter with yellow color and undesirable odor. When added to cosmetics and other health foods, aromatic chemicals are necessary to eliminate color or odor. Therefore, the addition of egg butter is limited. Our technology not only removes the odor which bothers the consumers and vendors, but also solves the color problem, so that the addition of egg butter can be increased.