• Technical Name
  • Real-time Online System for Pediatric Emergency HospitalHealth Care
  • Operator
  • 群體健康科學研究所
  • Booth
  • Online display only
  • Contact
  • 林介華
  • Email
  • mammer@nhri.edu.tw
Technical Description The system uses AI technology to connect with interactive devices, understanding cognitive services through semantics,uses AI technology training database to communicate with the system through keywords. It can provide users the guidance with the information of 24-hour emergency services, children's disease prevention tipshealth education, plus some clinical recommendations.
Scientific Breakthrough This instant consultation AI system provides enquiries for hospitals with 24 hours of medical management for children with emergency conditions, assisting in guiding the routesavoiding delays. After the cognitive training is understood through semantics, the medical information related to children's health care can provide more informationcorrect knowledge through the dialogue system.
Industrial Applicability This technology combines AI technologyportable communication devices to provide people with emergency medical needs the important information, not restricted by timelocation. It can be customized according to the specific objectivetheme,the semantic database can be exchanged accordingly for training to apply to other medical care related fields.