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  • From IC Layout to Die Photo: Deep Learning-Based IC Fabrication SimulationMask Correction
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  • National Tsing Hua University
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  • 劉卉宥
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  • jsyoaliu@gmail.com
Technical Description This technology consists of two convolutional neural networks (CNNs): LithoNetOPCNet. LithoNet mimics the fabrication procedure, involving lithographyetching, to predict the shape of a fabricated IC circuitry given an input layout. OPCNet, in cooperation with a pre-trained LithoNet, mimics the optical proximity correction procedure used to correct the layout designgenerate a modif
Scientific Breakthrough This technology is the first to use a deep neural network to accurately model the effect of lithographyetching processes on the shape deformation of a fabricated IC circuitry. It can also generates a correct mask pattern so that the fabricated IC circuitry will have a shape close to a desired pattern. The technolgy can lead to a paradigm shift of IC design for manufacturability.
Industrial Applicability This technology can be used by semiconductor manufacturers for modeling IC fabrication processesIC design CAD tools for design for Manufacturability.