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  • Groupers can eat veggie foods: improving the aquaculture efficiency of Groupers by agricultural wastes
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  • National Pingtung University of ScienceTechnology
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  • 蕭博修
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Technical Description Agricultural wastes are used to improve the digestive efficiency of Groupers on soy beans. Corn cobs are digested by xylanaseauxiliary proteins to produce xylooligos. The residues of corn cobs are then used to culture a probiotic which can secrete digestive enzymes. Xylooligos, digestive enzymes,probiotics are mixed with soy bean powders to improve the digestion efficiency of Groupers.
Scientific Breakthrough 1. Using an environmentally friendly way to produce xylooliogs2. Using cross-linked enzyme aggregates3. Providing a wild-type probiotic which produces digestive enzymes4. Agricultural wastes are used thoroughlyenvironmentally friendly5. Improving the digestion of carnivorous fishes on soy beans6. Strategies used can reduce costs
Industrial Applicability This technology can be applied in:(1) The aquaculture of Groupers(2) The aquaculture of other carnivorous fishes(3) Other animal husbandry(4) Functional food industry(5) The treatment of other agricultural wastes(6) Degradation of agricultural wastes for bioenergy production