Technical Name invention patent No.I1621405: 3D Sculpturing Garment Manufacturing MethodSystem thereof
Project Operator Fu Jen Catholic University, College of Fashion & Textiles, TextilesClothing Department
Project Host 黃盈嘉
This research collaborates with the Down Syndrome Foundation Republic of ChinaProfessor Lee, to design smart clothing for age of 12, 2232 Down syndrome male users. This study takes smart clothing as an intermediate tool to monitor the Down syndromes’ actives ether lifesports issues, via sportswear, electronic devices,its mobile application.
Scientific Breakthrough
This study establishes smart sportswear for Down users to improve 21 garment fitting for users’ body via pattern-making technology of the Sculptural Form Giving Method. It adopts 22g electronic module to establish a smart clothing collection. The Down users intend to wear for a long timeimprove the users’ willingness to visualizeto monitor their daily sports activity.
Industrial Applicability
The technology of pattern-making of the Sculptural Form Giving Method is able to create unique garment silhouette, slashdetails to improve users’ life quality via clothing. This customized garment is a foundation for collecting big datafurther data analysis. It also can be used to design for various users, such as athlete, baby, children, elderlypatients.
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