Technical Name A new culture management system for shrimp farming
Project Operator International Center for the Scientific Development of Shrimp Aquaculture
Project Host 羅竹芳
Our concept is to introduce semi-automatic control systems into our shrimp culture facility to develop a new management system for shrimp farming. All of these systems are designed to reduceeliminate human errorworkload while maintaining optimal conditions in the grow out pond. Our system could significantly reduce FCR (feed conversion ratio). The end result for farmers will include higher growth rates, lower mortality,improved size consistency at harvest.
Scientific Breakthrough
While other shrimp culture management systems typically provide only a single technological innovation, our integrated, modular approach allows the deployment of a customized suite of innovative solutions. The flexibility that this brings also guarantees our systems suitability for any size of shrimp culture operation, from a small-scale aquaculture facility of 0.01 hectares to a full-scale facili
Industrial Applicability
The modular design approach of our shrimp culture management system means that it can easily be customized for use in aquaculture facilities. A small-scale operation might choose only to deploy some of the most cost-effective semi-automatic control equipment. A large-scale operation, on the other hand, might prefer to use a combination of our integrated control systems equipments in order to maxim
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