Technical Name Novel Monolithic 3D Heterogeneous Semiconductor Device Integration for Ultra-High-Density (20M NAND-Gate/mm^2) Logic Gate Circuits
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 劉柏村
We are developing advanced M3D heterogeneous semiconductor integration for ultra-high-density logic gates. The key technological highlights include the integration of high-performance heterogeneous semiconductor devices, which have already presented shining results. Additionally, the layout of multi-level stacked device layers and the interlayer metal interconnects are being developed. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a world-class record, targeting a density of 20M NAND (~80 M transistors)/mm^2.
Scientific Breakthrough
We are developing advanced heterogeneous semiconductor integration for monolithic 3D ultra-high-density logic gates. The achievements include the successful development of GAA Ge-based transistors, Poly-Si devices, and high-performance InOx-based TFT. The ultimate goal is to achieve a world-class record of 20M NAND-Gate/mm^2. This innovative technology represents a breakthrough in future science and serves as an important indicator for leading semiconductor technology development.
Industrial Applicability
The high-mobility Ge-based GAA transistors, poly-Si FETs, and InOx-based TFTs have been developed successfully for heterogeneous semiconductor integration to form 3D-stacking 20 million NAND/mm^2. The equivalent transistor density reaches as high as 80M transistors/mm^2. This technology provides a fabrication platform for angstrom-level semiconductor device and circuits, and holds great potential for application in the industries of advanced semiconductor electronics, communication and AI .
Keyword Gate-All-Around Field Effect Transistor (GAA-FET) InOx-based channel GAA-TFT Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor (AOS) Low-temperature poly-Si High mobility channel material Nanosheets-GAAFET Ge-based material Three-dimensional IC architecture Heterogeneous Integration NAND Gate
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