Technical Name Sub-THz imaging technique using CMOS six-port techique
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 吳宗霖
This invention uses six-port techique to sense the phase information in 150 GHz with the principle of interference. Because detecting the phase of the signal need complex circut and not easy to be realized in high frequency, using six-port technique, the detected amplitude can be used to evaluate the phase. Therefore, low end 0.18um CMOS process is sufficient for the phase detection in 150 GHz. This technique use 0.18um CMOS chip to realize 150 GHz imaging results.
Scientific Breakthrough
Using 0.18um CMOS to realize the imaging system with phase information. The 150 GHz imaging system need no lens to focus the sub-THz power.
Industrial Applicability
Sensor is am important application in Sub-THz technique. However, high frequency need advanced process. This technique can use 0.18um CMOS low cost process to realize high frequency imaging system. Therefore, it is potential to be commericialized.
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  • Zuo-Min Tsai
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