Technical Name The Application of Multi-Functional Graphene-Based Materials in Targeting Detection, DiagnosisTherapy
Project Operator China Medical University Hospital
Project Host 郭文碩
The developed GQDs with a single size possess excellent two-photon properties, when combined with ultrashort pulse laser, enabling real-timelong-term detection in 3D. It can also perform two-photon PDT, efficiently killing MDR species. This material can serve as a detection, diagnostic,therapeutic target probe simultaneously, with great potential to replace conventional fluorophores in clinical pathology for detectiondiagnosis, providing a novel approach to MDR cancer treatment.
Scientific Breakthrough
The GQDs developed in this invention, when irradiated with appropriate wavelength, energy,short-duration femtosecond laser, generate ROS. They can be conjugated with specific antibodies for targeted labeling, enabling PDTefficiently killing MDR species. Additionally, this material exhibits excellent quantum yield, is resistant to photobleaching,allows real-time, long-term detection of target substances in 3D, making it an extremely efficient multifunctional biomedical probe.
Industrial Applicability
The developed product is expected to be introduced into medical industry as a multifunctionalsingle-sized GQD material for detection, diagnosis,treatment targeting. In terms of business model, the market entry can begin with medical device gradecombination product innovation market. After that, it can provide more sample testing datainitial profit recovery. This not only allows for the recovery of original researchdevelopment costs but brings high profitscash flow.
Keyword single-sized graphene quantum dot nano-optical immunology antibody ultrashort pulse laser multiphoton excitation multifunctional probe real-time tracking and long-term detectio two-photon photodynamic therapy multi-drug resistant species clinical imaging detection, diagnosis and therapy
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