Technical Name Value-Added Smart Environmental-Friendly Real-Time Meat Freshness Indicator for Meat Products- Value-Added Technology of Agricultural Waste
Project Operator National Chung Hsing University
Project Host 林耀東
The world's first development of a high-value intelligent, environmentally friendly meat real-time freshness indicator driven from agriculture waste. This indicator is combined with AI color recognition technology, offering the advantages of real-time, accurate, convenient, low-cost,high-resolution monitoring. It adds value to 1.4 MT of fruit residue, reduces meat loss of $218 billion per year,decreases greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 1.629 billion metric tons per year.
Scientific Breakthrough
The water-soluble phenolic compounds extracted from fruit processing waste exhibit excellent pH-dependent color-changing effects. This technology is the world's first to utilize chitosanphenolic compounds extracted from fruit residues to develop an intelligent real-time freshness indicator for meats. When combined with AI, it can instantly recognize meats' pH up to one decimal place, surpassing the recognition capabilities of expensive traditional colorimetersUV-Vis spectrometers.
Industrial Applicability
The industry faces several technological gaps, including high cost, time-consuming , low resolution,stability. This pioneering technology addresses these challenges by utilizing water-soluble phenolic compounds extracted from agricultural /fishery waste to develop an intelligent real-time freshness indicator. With the integration of artificial intelligence, it can instantly recognize color changes in meat products. The global market size for freshness indicators is around $2.1 billion.
Keyword Fruit peels Phenolic compounds Fishery waste Shrimp and crab shells Chitosan Artificial intelligence (AI) technology Meat products Meat Freshness indicators pH color-changing effect antimicrobial
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