Technical Name Motion-Based AI Contactless Technology - m’AI touch
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University
Project Host 陳鴻文
Public touch panels like elevatorsATMs could transmit viruses. Existing preventative measures are inadequate due to labor-intensive disinfection, changes in user behavior,wasteful replacements. Our team developed "m’AI Touch," a Motion-based AI Contactless Technology to identify a passenger’s button selection while maintaining existing habits. We aim to collaborate with various stakeholders to install m’AI Touch in newexisting buildings to enhance societal healthwelfare.
Scientific Breakthrough
The innovation is that we’ve integrated designed heterogeneous sensors, time-series data fusionlightweight AI model so people’s original usage habits could be retained,a contactless, accuraterapid processing could be achieved. Compared with other contactless button sensing solutions on the market, this technology has the following advantages:complete elimination of the risk of indirect virus transmission, no need to change the elevator panel,excellent stability.
Industrial Applicability
The global elevator market is seeing strong growth, especially in touchless solutions. Bill Gates warns of ongoing pandemic risks, highlighting the need for vigilance. Our technology, m’AI Touch, upgrades existing elevators to meet new needs, optimizing user experiencepotential to utilize energy efficiently in the future development. It reduces contactbutton failure risks. Phase two will use AIuser behavior data to improve energy managementpredict maintenance needs.
Keyword Contactless Artificial Intelligence Edge Device Elevator Sensor Epidemic Prevention Technology Indirect Virus Transmission Touch Screen Pandemics Public Places
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