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Technical Description Because there is no gap between the buttons on the screen when entering letters or symbols on the touch panel, input errors are likely to occur. Furthermore, the touch panel is easy to be damaged by used frequently. In order to avoid these problems, combine mechanical buttons with micro-LED displays are used in this development of product. On the one hand, the appropriate spacing between each button is used to distinguish, which can effectively reduce input errors and time spent. On the other hand, the use of buttons is diversified. Multiple sets of different English letters, or numbers can be entered on a single button, which can save a lot of space and achieve light weight.
Scientific Breakthrough The superior performances of micro-LED such as self-illumination, high brightness, high efficiency, and low power consumption, have gained more attention. Furthermore, micro-LED displays have good stability in various environments. Compared with OLED and LCD, micro-LED displays have more advantages to become an excellent display element.
Intelligent micro-LED controller combines mechanical buttons and micro-LED display, it can display different symbols on a single button, improve the problem of single function in mechanical button, and also solved the problem of easy input errors and burn-in of the touch panel. In addition, the cost of replacing a single micro-LED display is also lower than replacing the entire set of touch panels, reducing maintenance costs and time.
Industrial Applicability Electronic locks:
Intelligent micro-LED controller not only solves the shortcomings of the small display area of the mechanical electronic lock, also retains the diversity of the touch panel, increases the complexity of the password by switching the screen on the button.
Smart control panel:
The intelligent control panel uses a single panel or knob to control home appliances. The intelligent micro LED controller can multiple sets of different operation interfaces, and both of the possibility of input errors and maintenance costs are lower than that of the touch panel.
Gaming keyboard:
Intelligent micro-LED controller can switch the icons and lights on the keys according to usage habits or different games, so that there are many different configurations on the same set of keyboards.