Technical Name Vesicles comprising lectins expressed on the surfacemethods of use thereof to deliver an agent to autophagicapoptotic cells
Project Operator Tzu Chi University
Project Host 孫德珊
This innovative in vivo drug delivery system efficiently targetsdelivers drugs to autophagicapoptotic cellsassociated tissues. It overcomes limitations of specific cellstissues, enhancing drug delivery efficiency.

Key FeaturesInnovations:

(1) World's first tissue-specific drug delivery system with universal applicabilityhigh efficiency using a one-step targeting mechanism.

(2) Reduced side effectsdosage requirements.

(3) Novel drug delivery platform.
Scientific Breakthrough
Our team's targeted drug delivery system achieved significant results in cancer treatment, anti-inflammatory therapy,obesity inhibition. Utilizing liposome-bound targeting molecules, we precisely targeted specific cellstissues, enhancing drug efficacyreducing toxicity. The targeting molecules ability to anti-hypoxiaanti-inflammation further improved the effectiveness of inflammation treatment. This breakthrough technology holds great promise for improving patients' health.
Industrial Applicability
The tissue-specific drug delivery system is a successful drug delivery platform that efficiently delivers drugs to autophagicapoptotic cellsassociated tissues. It has broad applications in various indicationsdiseases. Combining it with immune checkpoint inhibitorsbiologics improves treatment efficacyminimizes side effects. Moreover, this technology has significant market potential in vaccines, cosmetic active ingredient carriers,imaging diagnostics.
Keyword Drug delivery liposome targeting molecules autophagy apoptosis anti-hypoxia anti-inflammatory tissue specificity encapsulates synergistic effect
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