Technical Name Catalytic Powering the Next Wave of Genetic Medicines Through Superior Delivery
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University
Project Host 胡尚秀
This technology develops an active lung target gene delivery system (Catalytic Powering the Genetic Medicines Through Superior Delivery), which can deliver genes to more than 60 of the lungspenetrate a large number of vectors into metastatic tumors . Combined with siRNA drugs, this combination of dosage forms can inhibit the expression of PD-L1 protein in cancer cells.
Scientific Breakthrough
For lung treatment, it can also catalyzestrengthen the transfection effect,its efficacy is far greater than that of traditional liposome formulations,it has shown its efficacy in animal models of lung cancer. In addition to being expected to seize the lung cancer treatment market with a market scale of tens of billions of dollars, this new carrier technology can also carry different types of gene therapy drugs, including siRNA, Messenger RNA, Plasmid DNA, etc.
Industrial Applicability
The new lung delivery nucleic acid carrier developed by our team has been verified in animal experiments to have efficient lung accumulationcan achieve the effect of immunotherapy by carrying siRNA to inhibit the expression of tumor PD-L1. It will be a strong candidate for the next generation of lung cancer treatment drugs. Moreover, the carrier technology itself has the versatility of carrying different types of nucleic acid drugs. I
Keyword Lung targeting Gene Delivery Gene editing Nanotechnology Catalytic effect Precision Medicine Immunotherapy Development of new dosage forms Metastases
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