Technical Name Comprehensive SERS Detection Platform (CSDP) for BiomedicineFood Safety Detection
Project Operator National Chung Hsing University
Project Host 張健忠
A comprehensive SERS detection platform CSDP system consists of 3D-PHS nanochipsignal processing software. The former offers an isotropic LSPR as well as homogenous hotspot distribution for 3D plasma enhancement. The second part is identification of Raman signal as well as transformation of barcodeQR-code. This platform can be used to detect food safetybiomedicine related analysts with high sensitivity, specificity, simplicity, rapidityaccuracy.
Scientific Breakthrough
The home-made CSDP system includes 3D-PHS nano-chipsignal processing software it has obtained US/Taiwan patents. 3D-PHS nanochips generate 3D plasmonic enhancement, which come from the isotropic LSPRhomogenous hot spot distribution. Meanwhile, signal processing software can optimizeidentify data,then convert it into a digital database. That is, the 3D-PHS can be combined with a digital barcode authentication to build-up a novel analysis platform CSDP.
Industrial Applicability
The 3D-PHS is simple to construct, mass-produced, cheap, high signal conservingreproducibility with short detecting time. Furthermore, big data can be established when combining with AI software. The CSDP system is suitable for every Raman platformsits industrial applicability can be: clinical bilirubin detection actual field detection of pesticides detection of high remunerative crop-orchid virus COVID-virus antibody/antigen generic drugbacterial detection.
Keyword plasmon hot spot surface-enhanced Raman digital authentication BARCODE clinical detection
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