Technical Name Insight into Badminton - Control Ability Evaluation System
Project Operator National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Project Host 易志偉
This system is an advanced badminton shot-by-shot performance evaluation system that utilizes stereoscopic imagingcomputer vision technologies to accurately captureanalyze shot movements in badminton matches, providing comprehensive player performance data. The system can detect badminton trajectories, calculate key indicators such as shuttlecock speed, shot angle,shot types, assisting players, coaches,spectators in better understandingevaluating shot performance.
Scientific Breakthrough
Our technology includes the following aspects: (A) 3D camera system, (B) badminton trajectory localization, (C) semantic analysis of badminton trajectories,(D) calculation of shot parameter indicators. By integrating these technologies, the system can capture badminton trajectories with high precision, accurately detect shot events,calculate important shot parameter indicators. This provides playerscoaches with scientific evidenceguidance for improving their techniques.
Industrial Applicability
1. Applicable to smart courts, providing playerscoaches with performance data to help them evaluate their skillsdevelop more effective training plans.2. Applicable to badminton competitions, combined with trajectory prediction, enhancing fairnessthe viewing experience of the game.3. Combining positioningposture analysis to provide technical strategic advice.4. With commercial valuemarket applications, it can be sold as an advanced servicestandalone product.
Keyword Badminton Smart courts Computer vision Machine learning Deep learning Object tracking Automatic annotation Expert systems 3D visualization management Internet of Things (IoT)
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