Technical Name Renewable hydrogen economy- R&D of electrolysis energy storageapplication of green hydrogen industry-academia consortium project
Project Operator Yuan Ze University
Project Host 鐘國濱
Based on the achievements of two-phase ex-projects about fuel cells, major expected results from the first phase of this project include linkage of upstreamdownstream companies to invest in the designdevelopment of PEMWE niche productsapplications(pharmaceuticals, energy storage, engine cleaning, semiconductor process)
Scientific Breakthrough
"1. The allience have signed a three-year project with Far-Eastern New Century Cooperation dedicated for membrane electrode assembly maunfacturing. 
 2. The allience in cooperation with Fu Bo Energy Cooperation developed green energy UAV that successfully traveled between YilanGuishan Island.
 3. The allience created a fuel cell R&D field that benefitial for Taiwan Union Hydrogen Cooperation developing 30 ~ 120 kW light-weight fuel cell stackevaluation. 
 4. With alliences assistance, General Optics Cooperation successfullysystematically clean carbon deposition inside engines with their hydrogen carbon-removal PEMWE device.
 5. The allience have successfully developed high-voltage PEMWE generating hydrogen, oxygenozone 
Industrial Applicability
"1. Membrane electrode assembly manufacturing: applied in household generators, automobiles,regional mediumlarge independent power generation.
 2. Long-endurance green energy UAVs: used in military UAVs, landenvironmental surveillance,remote material delivery.
 3. Successful mass-production of lightweight fuel cell stacks: Large-scale demonstrationverification program.
 4. Hydrogen engine carbon removal products: diesel garbage trucks, gasoline vehicles (vehicles, buses).
 5. Upgrade of PEMWE to green pharmaceuticals equipment: linkage the industries of membrane electrode group (upstream), electrolyzer (midstream)electrolysis system (downstream) to green pharmaceuticals application."
Keyword Proton exchange membrane water electolyzer (PEMWE) hydrogen oxygen ozone pharmaceuticals energy storage engine cleaning semiconductor process
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