Technical Name Clinical screening system for heart disease related to artificial intelligence in childrenadolescents
Project Operator Imediplus Inc.
Project Host 蔡昆熹
Ventricular premature beat (VPC)/Atrial premature contraction (APC), Ventricular fibrillation (VF), Long QT syndrome, Atrioventricular block (AVB), Wolff–Parkinson –White syndrome (WPW syndrome) heart sound waveform digitization.
Scientific Breakthrough
With unlimited industrial application potential, strong application degreewide application range, the company's stethoscope collects relevant audio to support each other,strengthens the algorithm to promote new milestones. In addition, it can be used for teachingtheory professor's report. It can be applied to the entire medical industry, including remote medical treatment, immediate medical treatment, outpatient medical treatment, wards, nursing care centersisolation wards. The technicaleconomic benefits are long-distance preventive medicine to improve the relationship between medicalpatients,to reduce the gap between urbanrural areasurban medical levels.
Industrial Applicability
Recently, the rapid development of various networksmedical technology has made the dream of remote medical care gradually realized. Through the integration of remote medical resources in the cityremote areas can be improved,the use of artificial intelligence assisted diagnosis system to facilitatequicklyenhance the accuracy rate, in order to help improve the yield of remote medical judgment, reduce the burden of doctors, so that more medical personnel in remote areas can easily use remote cloud equipmentother urban medical resources,integrate remote urban medical treatment.
Keyword Electronic stethoscope Arrhythmia data Long-range cloud Software calculation Medical energy increased,
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