Technical Name AMBtalk (Ambulance Talk): A Cardiovascular IoT Device for Ambulance Applications
Project Operator Department of Biological ScienceTechnology
Project Host 林一平
AMBtalk is an innovative technology that combines portable electrochemical chips with Internet of Things to overcome the chaotic environment of ambulances as well as improve patient transportation efficiency by allowing for rapidaccurate diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome. This platform analyzes the four key biomarkers indicative of acute coronary syndrome in addition to patient ECG ST wave. The results are immediately transmitted to nearby hospitals for remote diagnosis by medical staff, who are then able to inform the ambulance of the exact delivery location as soon as possible. By breaking through the current clinical pain points of hospital referralimproving survival rate.
Scientific Breakthrough
AMBtalk integrates the AllCheck® electrochemical biochip detectionIoTtalk IoT platform to provide sensitive, precise,stable detection of acute coronary syndrome biomarkers. Combining these measurements with ECG parameters, EMS evaluation results, hospital capacity,ambulance records etc., allows for the construction of a cloud computing system that uses artificial intelligencerefers to environmental factors on the ambulance to assist in dispatching decisionsachieve 100 pre-hospital protection of myocardial infarction patients.
Industrial Applicability
Acute coronary syndrome causes more than 10,000 deaths every year. Realizing pre-hospital diagnosisminimizing time to treatment will markedly improve the survival rate of patients. AMBtalk is an innovative technology that simultaneously detects myocardial markers while analyzing ECG data in ambulances, providing accurate pre-hospital diagnosistreatment to increase patient survival rate. In the process of developmentmanufacturing, it can also promote collaboration between the fields of semiconductormedicine to increase Taiwan's medical visibilityimprove POC medical material export capabilities.
Keyword Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) ambulance cardiovascular IoT device emergency medical service (EMS) electrocardiogram (ECG)
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