Technical Name AI-based Contactless Heart Rate Measurement Applied for Exercise Training Loading Monitoring
Project Operator National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Project Host 吳炳飛
Current sports science judgments of exercise intensityfatigue mostly rely on the interpretation of specific values (such as ventilation threshold,blood lactate concentration)the personal experience of coaches. Several recent studies support that exercise intensityfatigue can be determined by the degree of variability in heart rate. AI video-based heart rate measurement captures the heart rate information in real-time without additional device burden, utilizes big data to analyze the current exercise intensityperformance during exercise,gives appropriate exercise suggestionswarnings.
Scientific Breakthrough
Comprehensive consideration of various types of interference factors, including color, temperature changes, brightness changes, light source angles, different movement modesother factors in the self-built training materials, to ensure that the neural network can adapt to the noise problems faced in various actual sports. AI contactless heart rate measurement technology can provide acceptable measurement results in practical applications, control the heart rate measurement error during exercise to about 5-6 of the heart rate,successfully follow the heart rate fluctuation trend caused by exercise.
Industrial Applicability
The contactless, continuous output heart rate detection technology can be used in many fieldshas been applied for FDA SaMD medical certification. It will probably be the first rPPG software that passes the FDA SaMD. It is applied to daily health record management in telemedicine, health care, sports monitoringother markets. Long-term observation can provide medical staff,coaches with an additional referenceprovide families with an extra layer of peace of mind.
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