Technical Name Advanced X-rayDeep UV Photodetectors
Project Operator National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Project Host 洪瑞華
This technology first focuses on advanced gallium zinc oxide (ZGO) wide energy gap oxide for hard X-ray wavelengthdeep ultraviolet light sensors, epitaxy ZGO on sapphire substratefabricating fork-shaped electrodes,then polishing the sapphire substrate. It can be made into high-performance X-rayDeep UV light sensors. The technology can also connect multiple sets of sensors in series to form an arrayperform flip chip packaging with subsequent circuits. The device process is easy, the cost is low, but it has high performancecan be driven at low voltage.
Scientific Breakthrough
"The material has several breakthrough properties:
 (1) It can withstand light radiation of 1000 times the intensity of the current commercial scintillation detector.
 (2) The novel ZGO material has high radiation resistancecan be applied not only to low-dose medical X-ray. 
 (3) The flip chip structure is adopted for X-ray sensor array.
 (4) X-rayDUV PDs with extremely high signal-to-noise ratio can be achieved.
 (5) ZGO's photocurrent is about 1000 times higher than that of SiCAlGaN.
 (6 ZGO can be used in extremely high temperature working environment."
Industrial Applicability
X-ray light sensors can be used in medical, industrial,even harsh environments such as militaryouter space, covering x-ray energy from small doses to light sources provided by synchrotron radiation systems, so the application fields are very wide. If applied to deep ultraviolet light sensing, it can be applied to flame detection, deep ultraviolet light sterilization system,medical sensor.
Keyword X-ray Photodetertors Deep UV Photodetector Wide bandgap Semiconductor ZnGa2O4 MOCVD synchrontron
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