Technical Name Blockchain-based Identity ManagementAccess Control Framework
Project Operator National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Project Host 袁賢銘
Taiwan has yet to be integrated into an operable three-phase OB approach. We develop a blockchain-based identity managementaccess control (BIMAC) framework that shares some advantages of traditional bankingblockchain technology. The BIMAC infrastructure applies smart contractsa stateless authentication mechanism to form a reliable personal information transaction security control (PITSC) platform that offers such functionalities as decentralized third-party login (TPL), the ability to open bank accounts online, data authorization/revocation, integrated payouts,TSP access monitoring.
Scientific Breakthrough
"(1)Propose a blockchain-based infrastructure to achieve account integration via self-sovereign identity (SSI)privacy-preserving data sharing via decentralized authorization.
 (2)BIMAC decentralizes the current ecosystem without losing monitoring capabilitieshas the chance to technically meet the four GDPR compliances.
 (3)Integrates the advantages of traditional bankingblockchain technology to achieve “Real-name user registration, on-chain anonymity,”“transparency of authorization but the privacy of personal information.”"
Industrial Applicability
"Decentralize the current ecosystem, but the supervisory unit does not lose the monitoring ability.
 It can support the "contactless financial services""mobile phone identification apps" promoted by the FSC.
 It will meet the three stages of open banking at one time,currently, Taiwan has only reached the second stage.
 BIMAC is the underlying infrastructure that supports various novelintegrated services."
Keyword open banking blockchain smart contract identity integration identity management access control data sharing privacy preservation data risk control self-sovereign identity
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