Technical Name Value-added Smart Environmental-Friendly Multi-Function Mulch
Project Operator National Chung Hsing University
Project Host 林耀東
Under the global climate change, how to develop smartmulti-functional environmentally friendly mulch films such as anti-adversity, reduction of water evapotranspiration in soil, environmentally friendlycarbon storage is a global priority. The main structure of VASEMF is agricultural, fisherylivestock waste(rice straw, chicken feathers, oyster shells) derived biochar (carbon source), keratin (nitrogen source), micro-nanoscale calcium oxide powder (calcium source), its low preparation cost is 30 of the market price of decomposable plastic film.
Scientific Breakthrough
The world's first novel value-added smart environmental-friendly mulch that improves soil health, plant health,soil carbon storage,increases water solubility by 50. The microbial activity in the soil is increased by 30, the amount of soil fertilizer is reduced, the fertilizer rhizosphere efficiency is improved,the crop yield is increased by 2.88 (approximately NT$2,150,000,000),soil carbon storage by 1.17 (approximately NT$13,500,000,000 carbon tax).
Industrial Applicability
The global agricultural mulch market is valued at USD 350,000 in 2020is growing at a rate of 5.6. Our team is the world's first value-added smart environmental-friendly mulch that promotes soil health, plant healthsoil carbon storage. Crop yield increased by 2.88 (approximately NT$2,150,000,000), soil carbon storage by 1.17 (approximately NT$13,500,000,000 carbon tax), improved soil fertilizer, plant protection preparationscarbon storage,improved soil healthquality.
Keyword Mulch Agriculture/Fishery/Livestock Waste Value-Added Material Environmental-Friendly Material Carbon Negative Technology Plaint Protectant Chicken Feathers Oyster Shell Biochar Soil Carbon Sequestration
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