Technical Name Mucosal Vaccine Carrier
Project Operator National Health Research Institutes
Project Host 黃明熙
A tailor-made nanoemulsion helps the mucosal immune system recognize vaccine antigens, thereby reinforcing immunological fingerprints following mucosal delivery. Nasal spray vaccination can strengthen improve cancer immunotherapy efficacyprevent tumor metastasis. Moreover, nanoemulsion adjuvantation strategy demonstrated intravaginal vaccine delivery against genital infectionssexually transmitted diseases. High-shear microfluidized process allows us to prepare sufficient amounts of samples with consistentreproducible properties. Therefore, one day patients will not suffer the pain of surgeryrepeated dose of chemo-/immunotherapy, thus fighting the disease with dignity.
Scientific Breakthrough
1. Instead of biologicalchemical modification of the substrate, a tailor-made nanoemulsion can increase the absorption surface area by physical tailoring, taking into account the uniquenesssimplicity. 
2. Simple spray into mucosal membrane can fight the disease, taking into account the conveniencepracticability.
Industrial Applicability
1. Mucosal delivery system for drug/vaccine
2. Immunomodulatory agent for cancer, immunodeficiency, hypersensitivity 
3. Treatment for respiratoryreproductive tract diseases 
4. Antigen sparing in pandemic vaccine preparedness 
5. Excipient in cosmeticsnutrients industry
6. Aqueous solubilization for poor water-soluble drugs
7. Platform technology for functional molecules screening.
Keyword cancer immunotherapy COVID-19 vaccine intravaginal delivery mucosal-associated lymphoid tissue mucosal delivery nanoemulsion nasal spray delivery subunit protein vaccine tumor-associated antigen vaccine adjuvant
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