Technical Name Self-Developed Formosat-7 Satellite Operations Control System
Project Operator National Space Organization
Project Host 陳坤林
The FORMOSAT-7 satellite operations control system is self-developed by the National Space Organization (NSPO) center through the common language tools, to apply the software technology included the database-driven concept, supervisory controldata acquisition (SCADA), stream serviceother technologies into the system. And inherit actual experience of the satellite operation team over 25 years. The system is not only keeping pace to the commercial system, but also more closing to the requirement of the FORMOSAT mission operation. So far, it is continuously supported mission operations more than 3 years with high supportability of 99.9.
Scientific Breakthrough
The system contained the flight dynamic analysis function to maintain the satellite tracking accuracy through the satellite navigation data. However, according to solar activity increases, the density of neutral air will become denserthe variation of neutral air will become sharply in the next few years. For this phenomenon, the system integrated the spike of radio emissionother observation data provided by the Space Weather Operational Office (SWOO) of the Central Weather Bureau to be the parameter of the air drag in space. It can be integrated into the satellite orbit parameter called the two-line elements (TLE) to improve the satellite tracking accuracykeep the data integrity of the FOMOSAT-7 mission.
Industrial Applicability
The general Industrial Control System (ICS) is composed of control components that collectmonitor real-time data of equipment to ensure the automatic operation, process controlmonitoring of industrial infrastructure. The FORMOSAT-7 satellite operations control system adopts the supervisory controldata acquisition (SCADA) technology used in ICS,is equipped with data streaming of various satellites to transform the technology into the satellite operation domain. It is a control platform with satellite communication standards to simplify the data exchange method from the satellite to the control centereliminate the complexity of message exchange for the traditional industrial control system.
Keyword satellite operation distributed system JAVA SCADA database driven plug-in satellite control module data streaming constellation scheduling command packetization telemetry de-commutation
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