Technical Name Focal Plane Assembly (FPA)
Project Operator Taiwan Space Agency
Project Host 黃博彥
The Focal Plane Assembly is a space-level sensing system. It is part of the microsatellite remote sensing payload to provide satellite photography imaging. This unit is composed of a time delay integration space-grade image sensor. The FPA design includes seven distinct spectral bands and split two group, one panchromatic band and six multi-spectral bands. The Formosat-8 FPA will provide the ground sample distance one meter of P band, two meter of MS band. The focal plane assembly is the remote sensing component which converts the light to electrical signal. The Focal plane assembly applied on Formosat-8 telescope will perform the ground sample distance one meter of P band, two meter of MS band. In order to improve the image signal to noise ratio (SNR), Formosat-8 FPA has the time delay integration technique to perform high SNR and quality image.
Scientific Breakthrough
The Formosat-8 Focal Plane Assembly is the highest resolution remote sensing module in Taiwan. It provides seven spectral band images as well. It could provide sub-meter panchromatic image by post-process.
Industrial Applicability
Automated Optical Inspection at low-light situation、、Panel inspection Wafer inspection
Keyword Focal Plane Assemble Time Delay Integration(TDI) Remote Sensing
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