Technical Name Biomedica Bladder Cancer Screening Kit
Project Operator Biomdcare Corporation
Project Host 張漢威
"To lower the burden of medical inspection lab, Biomdcare have leveraged our expertise in AI to develop an “Bladder Cancer AI Screening Assistant”. The screening kit can assist clinical medical laboratory scientists to screen out the body fluid specimen 
 This system provides multiple functions for digital slides, allowing users to complete all works without switching between different software. The functions include, project management, image management, annotation, coordinates export, zoom in/zoom out, navigation view, thumbnails preview, categories shortcuts, authority managementannotation overview."
Scientific Breakthrough
The project will lead to the development of the first AI-assisted bladder cancer screening system in the market that can identify bladder cancer by urine cytology. The AI-assisted bladder cancer screening system will be developed by building a clinical digital image managementanalysis system for bladder cancer, combining “ultra-resolution medical image data encryption”“high-speed transmission technology modules”“parameter iteration method of artificial intelligence training”.
Industrial Applicability
Traditional medical image recognition relies on physicians' visual judgmentexperience, which increases the chance of physicians making mistakes once medical data increasesfatigue is brought about by high working hours. When AI visual recognition technology is added to digital pathology slides, the fast computingdeep learning function of the computer helps pathology examination specialists to reduce many burdens, such as the classification of pathology images, the accuracy of identificationpositioning of abnormal areas,whether the recognition of lesions can automatically make block selection, etc.
Keyword artificial intelligence training high speed transmission digital pathology bladder cancer screening medical image cytology AI clinical digital image cytology smear precision medicine urinalysis
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