Technical Name Innovative Targeted Cancer Nanomedicine Technology
Project Operator Chung Yuan Christian University/ Department of Bioscience Technology
Project Host 許毅芝
Cisplatin is the most important platinum-based anti-cancer drugs in the past 50 years. The major problem of cisplatin is the severe side effects such as nephrotoxicity, heart diseaseneurotoxicity which limit the treatment doses to achieve better clinical outcomes. Therefore, we have developed a novel technology of liposomal cisplatin, “NanoX”, as the innovative solution of solving this issue. This unique NanoX nanoparticle has a size of about 60 nm. Cisplatin was encapsulated in liposomes with 44 high drug-loading rate. Almost nominimum organ toxicityside effects were observed found for the treated group. Most importantly, NanoX treated animals maintained normal weight during treatmentextended the survival time.
Scientific Breakthrough
There are several novel aspects of NanoX technology. First, we have developed a novel high drug (44) loading liposome with significant low side effectsgreater therapeutic results compared to that of cisplatin. Second, NanoX NPs can deliver a high fraction of the injected dose to the tumor. No observed toxicity in kidneyliver. Third, the size of NanoX NPs can be controlled between 60 nm for cargo delivery to tumor. Forth, NanoX NPs have shown in vitro anti-cisplatin-resistant property In order to improve the side effects of high toxicity of such drugs, a unique NanoX technology has developed. It has been found that it has the great effect of killing tumor cells compared to Lipoplatin (8.9 drug loading) approved by EMA in 2015.
Industrial Applicability
Cisplatin is a commonly used platinum-based anticancer drugs, also including carboplatinoxaliplatin. FDA has approved cisplatin widely used singlecombination therapy as the first line of treatment in ovarian cancer, testicular cancer, bladder cancer, headneck cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, osteosarcoma, neuroblastoma. The wide range usage of cisplatin with current chemotherapy drugs could lead NanoX to a bright future to other applications in humananimal cancer treatment. The current platinum-based anticancer drug market is about USD 2 billion globally, single treatment costs from USD 40 ~ 200 based on different drugs used.
Keyword Nano medicine Liposome Cancer therapy Cisplatin High-drug loading
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