Technical Name 花卉分子育種新創產業 - 台大蜜雪切花文心蘭
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 葉開溫
Single colored varietysingle exported market is the hidden risk for the Oncidium industry in Taiwan. To develop new varietiesenlarge market value is the goal,to establish a global trade mark is a national aim. The work to develop a Honey Snow white flower oncidum is pursuant to the policy. In the past year, our research team paid effort to breed a white floral color variety successfully by using RNA interference strategy.
Scientific Breakthrough
We used RNAi technology to reduce the mRNA expression level of phytoene synthase gene which reduces the carotenoid content in petals,also turns yellow flowers to white. Although RNAi technology has been widely used in animalbiomedical fields around the world for many years, it's application in plants for the regulation of flower color is still not established. This is the first time we make an attempt. Our experimental design possess many technical detailsthe application of petal-specific expression have the characteristics of new innovation in technical application.
Industrial Applicability
The commercial market of oncidium in my country is mainly based on the production of yellow flowers. The market statistics reveal the disinterest of consumers to the available products. Therefore, the emergence of new varieties is much needed for the oncidium industry. However, the cut flower lines of oncidium are difficult to breed due to constraints in traditional cross breeding. New varieties are not easy to produce, reducing the sale of oncidium globallyinability to expand the market in large numbers. Therefore, the need for white-flowered oncidium  would stimulate the consumers'desire to purchasewould serve as a thrust to increase the demand of Taiwanese oncidium again.
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