Technical Name 輕盈透氣貼身環保之脊椎保護背架
Project Operator National Taipei University of Technology
Project Host 芮祥鵬
Our spine protection backrest is heatedmolded by a hairdryer (80°C), which is lightbreathable,fits the body. Wearing this colorful backrest is as exciting as wearing a fashionable jacket. Our products overcome all the shortcomings of traditional metal brackets, such as bulky, airtight, unfit, clumsy appearance, etc. This composite material can be completely recycled to meet the requirements of green products. The weather resistance of this material is compared with the world's competitor Allard's composite material,the service life of our material is increased by 2.5 times.
Scientific Breakthrough
This composite material can be completely recycledconverted into the original 3D fabriccoating polymer, reaching the green standard. The recycled 3D fabric can be 100 remelted into polyester filament. In addition, the entire composite material can be shreddedblended with EGPTMG to depolymerize into TPEE elastomer. The weather resistance service life of our material is 2.5 times that of the world's competitor Arad composite material. The key is to increase the crystallinity to protect the composite from water absorptiondehydration.
Industrial Applicability
In addition to supporting the back spine, this product can be used for a well-fitting waist beltthe AFO for stroke patients to support their feet. Moreover. the elbow pads in baseball, the anti-folding glove in golf. Furthermore, for the transportation industry, custom-made safety helmets fit any head shapecan leave room for the cooling bagventilation design. The fields of further application in the future are quite broad
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Keyword Re-shapeable breathable recyclable back brace spine protection
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