Technical Name 氣凝膠高效隔熱冷鏈保冷箱
Project Operator National Cheng-Kung University
Project Host 李訓谷
“Aerogel Cold Chain Storage Box with High-efficiency Thermal Insulation Performance” insulation layer includes phase change materials aerogel phenolic foamed insulation materials,aerogel insulation coatings. The carbon fibre used composite materials as the box shell. It is an innovative vaccine mobile refrigerator that does not require a power supply. It can keep cold for a long timehas good low-temperature stability. Our thermal materials have better cold retentionfire resistance than the insulation material used in the international COVID-19 vaccine storage.
Scientific Breakthrough
"This integrated technology provides the insulation layer of our Aerogel Cold Chain Storage Box, which helps to improve the problem of poor cold storage performance of the cold storage boxachieve the purpose of reducing costs. 
The innovation characteristics are 1.High-efficiencylow-cost aerogel powder system process, 2.Successful aerogel application products: phenolic foam boardthermal insulation coating, 3.Simultaneous integration of halogen-free Carbon fiberboardphase change material achieve the advantages of a lightweight, energy-efficient, high stability."
Industrial Applicability
We own excellent aerogel powder mass-production technology, a complete patent layout,the proposed "Aerogel Cold Chain Storage Box with High-efficiency Thermal Insulation Performance" can be delivered to market immediately. Besides helping to improve the low-temperature storagetransportation of the vaccine, it also has high cold storage stability. This proposed system can be applied in food preservation, chemical material,living organ transplantation, which is significantly larger than the current general cold-chain application.
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