Technical Name 同步之心電圖與窄頻照明微循環影像系統
Project Operator National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Project Host 高甫仁
This work synchronizes electrocardiograph to narrow-band imaging with high-power lens to observe the micro-circulation on the skin. The time difference among the arrivals of the cardiac pulse wave on different parts of the path is then used to calculate the pulse wave velocity of the arteries, providing very helpful diagnosis of diseases closely related to the peripheral circulation.
Scientific Breakthrough
In addition to the existing oral mucosanail bed, the skin micro-circulation synchronization imaging system can greatly expand how the micro-circulation can be observed. By synchronizing with the electrocardiograph, abundant physiological information can be obtained in an unprecedented way. Synchronous acquisition can further integrate different light sources, oximeters, breathing beltsother physiological signal monitoring equipment, thus greatly expanding the applications in diagnosis.
Industrial Applicability
This synchronous microcirculation imaging system can observe peripheral circulationdiagnose related diseases with high resolutioncontrast. In addition to traditional diabeteshypertension, it can also be used to observe wound healing, presenting as a unique tool for microplastic surgery.
Matching Needs
Keyword Microcirculation Electrocardiography Narrow Band Imaging Pulse Wave Velocity Wound Healing Microplastic Surgery Diabetes Hypertension Nail Bed Cardiac Cycles
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