Technical Name 多維度城市地震動態衝擊模擬
Project Operator National ScienceTechnology Center for Disaster Reduction
Project Host 柯孝勳
Using seismic impact simulation to dynamic display the three-dimensional structure modeling of active fault model,dynamic response on 3D building, utilize augmented reality (AR) technology to show the building dynamic simulation mixed-reality.
Scientific Breakthrough
The Application of the three-dimensional model of fault model, building seismic capability informationutilize augmented reality (AR) technologyseismic impact simulation model to develop a dynamic display platform of visualized seismic simulation platform in multi-dimensional urban.
Industrial Applicability
The platform of multi-dimensional seismic impact simulation can assist the authorities to construct regional disaster preventionmitigation plans,disaster response, effectively reducing the casualtieseconomic loss. In addition, visual information can be used in publicsocial risk communicationeducation promotion.
Matching Needs
Keyword 3D structure modeling of active faults zone 3D dynamic building structure modeling population movement monitoring of mobile devices Multi-dimensional seismic dynamic impact platform
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