Technical Name 3D ReconstructionVirtual Reality Visualization System Development for the Motion Simulation of Machine Equipment
Project Operator Advanced Institute of Manufacturing with High-tech Innovations
Project Host 陳世樂
The technique of mechanical arm3D structure light scanning reconstruction of the workpiece can be directly applied to the scanning of the machine tool online. The developed  algorithm improves the speed of the scan. Combined with immersive virtual reality technology, it simulates 3D motion, deformation of workpiecescollision detection.
Scientific Breakthrough
"1.	Let customers freely view mechanical equipment from different perspectives.
2.	Various mechanical equipment can be displayed, no longer limited by the scale of the exhibition.
3.	Capable of 3D measurement in situ without the need of unloading the workpiece.
4.	Capable of geometrical error analysis through comparison of CADreconstructed models."
Industrial Applicability
With the designed user interface, the status of the workpiece, robot,the background can be visualized. Thus, the geometrical error can be analyzed through comparison of CAD modelused for error compensation. 3D visualization technology can reduce the cost of exhibitionsthe limitations of the exhibition space, such as machine tool processing, multi-machine display.
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