Technical Name 強效保濕修護乳解決皮膚傷口問題
Project Operator International Center for Wound RepairRegeneration
Project Host 湯銘哲
The International Center for Wound RepairRegeneration of National Cheng Kung University transferredestablished Ducolege Biotechnology Co., Ltd., using Extre2Cold exclusive extraction technology to extract highly active marine collagen from Tilapia fish skin, which is type I collagen with a complete molecular structurehas a three-stranded helix structure. It is biologically activeperfectly presents the magical ability of fish skin to repair wounds. It can be widely used in biomedical materialsacademic research. It is currently first promoted in the development of high-level medical beauty repairmaintenance products, which is helpful for repairing damaged skin.
Scientific Breakthrough
Extre2Cold which has 3 major features: 1) High activity: no scale extraction process uses harmful hydrochloric acidhigh temperature denaturation, can retain biological activity,has medical-grade collagen properties  2) High application: There is no doubt about animal viruses such as pigs, cattlepoultry,there are few religious taboos. The product can be applied to 90 of the world’s population 3) High moisturizing: With high moisturizing effect, it can awaken the vitality of skin's self-repairwater retention.
Industrial Applicability
Extre2Cold technology can solve the environmental treatment cost problem of Taiwan's aquaculture fisheriesconvert fish skin waste into high-value biomedical products. The iWRRDucolege Biotechnology Co., Ltd. jointly developed the Premium Collagen Revitalizing skin care products series, which can treat rare skin diseases, atopic dermatitis, sweat rash, eczema, psoriasisother dryitchy skin problems. With the experience of effectively caring for the fragile skin of Hereditary epidermolysis bullosa patients, we hope to take care of such skin problemstroubles through simpleeffective moisturizingsoothing formulas.
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