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Technical Description Taipeibio is an R&D oriented company with core technology derived from Harvard and MIT area; which focuses on tissue engineering and nano molecular imaging. Our technology covers alveolar bone/extremity bone regeneration, cartilage repair and eardrum regeneration products driven by patented functional collagen matrix. We have established 3 core labs (a GMP-compliance facility in the U.S.) and 7 research arms worldwide including VA Healthcare System Massachusetts, Harvard McLean Hospital and Ohio State University to support our product development.
Scientific Breakthrough
Industrial Applicability Nano DMX is Taipeibio's core technology which inherits the world's pioneer 1990 Harvard SG / MG research team / MIT IY laboratory, and with patented regenerative collagen formula for regenerative medicine. Our regenerative product series technologies could effectively overcome clinical challenges and provides solutions for articular cartilage repair, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) cartilage repair, critical sized bone defect repair, and large eardrum defect repair. Our molecular imaging system is designed not only for postsurgical evaluation of bone and cartilage tissue, but also largely improve the diagnostic criteria for cancer disease management.