Technical Name 虛擬實境應用於船舶機艙管路布置設計
Project Operator National Taiwan Ocean University
Project Host 翁維珠
A virtual reality (VR) system for piping planning in shipbuilding has been developed to help engineers easily checking their designdiscussing with each other. The VR system includes two servers: a database server for storing piping dataanother for multi-users interaction. Within same virtual engine room, users can freelyclosely viewcheck the auto-generated piping systems based on the data accessed from a database server. They can also use any independent vocal communication software to discuss with each other online.
Scientific Breakthrough
The multi-users VR system of piping planning for shipbuilding is an innovative application to shipbuilding industry. It integrates information technologiesapplies to the piping planning in an engine room for merchant ships. These technologies are virtual reality, database, interaction of multiple users through Internetdynamic simulation. Thus, multiple users can detectdiscuss their piping planning within the same virtual engine room.
Industrial Applicability
"The multi-users VR system of piping planning for shipbuilding has three advantages:
1)	A virtual demonstration of complicated piping systems within a virtual engine room
2)	A simple interaction of multiple users within the same virtual engine room
3)	Dynamic simulation of assembling/disassembling piping systems"
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Keyword virtual reality database multiple users connection dynamic simulation piping system shipbuilding
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