Technical Name LevioPole
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University Hierarchical Green-Energy Materials (Hi-GEM) Research Center
Project Host 陳建旭
The hardware of the device is constructed from a rod and two quadrotor units which are mounted equally distant on each end of the rod. Electronic components of the rotor unit are similar to general components of a UAV; brushless motor, electronic speed controller, propeller, battery, IMU sensor, distance sensor, touch sensor, and microcontroller. As designed above, it allows portability and ease-of-use as a gaming controller or tool.
These rotors generate both rotational and linear forces through independently controlled motors. Some characteristic haptic pattern can be provided by controlling the timing and the intensity of motors. For example, the dynamics of water or the bumps of solid objects can be generated according to VR contents. The device can connect to PC via serial communication for sending the data of device conditions and receiving commands to generate haptic patterns. It can also be used in VR environment using head-mounted display (HMD) and motion tracking system.
Scientific Breakthrough
LevioPole is a rod-like haptic device providing realistic force feedback for full-body interaction in virtual reality and augmented reality. The marked difference among the similar devices is that LevioPole provides full body somatic experience. The form of full body interaction is a spark in the somatics field, since it points out the possibilities of exploring virtual force feedback. As surfboard is to sports, so is LevioPole to somatics.
Industrial Applicability
LevioPole is a haptic device providing realistic force feedback which can be applied on amusement industry for simulating specific somatic experience. So far, two games are developed for exploring the feasibilities of future application: paddling game and super leaping experience. Because of the rod-like shape of device, users can sense pretty different somatic feedback while interacts with LevioPole-full-body interaction. The provided full body movements benefit patients who needed rehabilitation therapy from light and interesting rehab game. Furthermore, LevioPole can serve as an tool for assisting performance art, since push and pull forces generated from the wind resistance have the potential to help performers create more stunning movements.
Keyword Human Augmentation Haptic Device Kinesthesia Airflow Illusion of Self-motion Mid-air Haptic Full-body Interaction
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